zaterdag 24 januari 2009

The Lost World. Introduction

Once upon a time, when our world didn't exist yet, a spirit lie down the universe. She was pure white and looked much lie us today. She had incredible powers and with these powers she started creating all planets, stars and moons.
With her breath she created all living things and plants on her most recent creation: Planet Earth.
As her work was finished she used to rest close to sun. Waiting for her powers to reupload.
But the great Spirit didn't know that as she created all living things she had also created Death and the Underworld. Death was yealous of the Spirit's amazing powers and created an army to fight against her. The Spirit tried to protect herself but in the end, she was defeated. Death was satisfied.
But a profecy says that a chosen one will be born out of the last light of the Spirit. She will be able to defeat Death before history will start all over again.

It was night...almost day maybe...she didn't know...she only knew that she was just sitting there. Silent...peacefull...For how long already? She had no idea. She had no idea of time and space.
She felt a breeze slowly blowing and a strange light warmed up her body.
Suddenly she heard voices around her. A male and a female, she supposed. They came closer. She wanted to see them, to look at them, to open her eyes. But was she able to?
As she opened her eyes, a white light covered her view. She heard a scream and something touched her. She was hold up in the air. The warm feeling she had all this time dissapeared and she fell asleep.